S.E.O. – Seeking Exciting Opportunities

S.E.O – Something extra ominous? Seriously even odder? Seeking exciting opportunities?

It’s something I know nothing about that’s for sure. But as part of an SEO course I’ve been taking with Maddy Shine, I’ve been encouraged to add a blog to the site.

And now that she’s mentioned it, I’m not sure why I haven’t blogged before.

A blog is a great opportunity to:

  • Share my story of how my business began and where I want to take it in the future
  • Give up to date information on new bookings I’m taking, as well as workshops and hotels that are being added to the list of partners
  • Show a little more about me – that is if you want to know that part. But I’ll just pretend you do otherwise I’ll get shy and log off….

My experience in the wedding industry may be substantial (details of which in many a latter post I’m sure), but my experience with tech pretty limited. I know my way around an Excel spreadsheet thanks to 12 years in luxury fashion buying but that won’t help me here.

I am not the only business owner signed up to this fabulous course and it seems like some of the main themes running in the background for all of us are a) lack of confidence, and b) lack of time. Do you have the same difficulties? If you see the workshops that I run you’ll know that I work with a lot of UK based small businesses so I will ask my fellow colleagues if they suffer from the same hindrances. Even on the outside, someone who looks like they’ve got it all held together might be spinning plates precariously one handed behind the scenes!

I’m also aware I am very ‘wordy’ as my husband likes to call it. So once I get started I might never stop! But practicing writing will come in very useful as I am excited to say I have been commissioned to write an article for Rock My Wedding – one of the UK’s biggest and most valued wedding directories. It will be such amazing exposure that I’m excited, nervous, daunted at the prospect…..any writing tips would be much appreciated!

So for now I will ‘find my voice’ through blogging, and hopefully be able to interact even more with prospective clients. Who knows how and when my SEO will improve but I have faith!