Hand-dyed Silk ribbons

One of the parts of this business that I love doing the most is researching new suppliers that I can host workshops with.

My phone photos are filled with screenshots of different Instagram posts where I have seen a new method of doing this or an interesting take on doing that. I follow a lot of small UK businesses so if you’re also on the lookout for new ideas then head over to see my followings and you’ll be inspired.

Sometimes, however, a workshop just won’t work out and I’m gutted. Take this last week, I was speaking to Kate Cullen who has a whole array of talents based around the wedding industry but none I love more than her hand-dying silk creations.

Based in Tetbury, down the road from a number of the UK hotel’s where we host our workshops, I instantly got in touch to see if she would be able to run silk dyeing workshops for us. Kate uses natural dyes to create any chosen colour palette on 100% silk ribbon; a decoration which can then be used throughout the wedding decorations or outfits. What a lovely special detail to add!

However in speaking to Kate, I learnt about the lengthy processes and complex equipment that is needed to manufacture each ribbon – too much to travel with and too expensive for our hotels’ insurance to handle!!

Never mind….next week I’ll discuss with you a success I had instead. Our newest workshop looks like the funniest yet!

Click here for Kate’s website, as I really do think that if you’re looking for a bespoke touch to your wedding day, and have a consistent colour palette running through your decorations then this is a beautiful method to use. Enjoy!

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