Fairytale Themed Workshop

I have had a busy week corresponding with our fabulous workshop hosts and hotels to organise a fairytale theme event for one of our clients.

She has some fantastic ideas, all centred around a theme which suits her castle wedding venue perfectly.

Do you have theme for your day? In fact, ‘theme’ may be the wrong way to phrase it….actually a better question would be ‘scheme’? Because many couples will head in to their wedding planning with a firm idea of colours which they’d like to be used across all elements of decoration, as well as a particular style, whether it be boho, luxury, and in this case fairytale!

The brief I’m working to can be seen above in the clients’ mood board – such a useful insight I wish all my customer’s sent me. I love a bride/groom who has specific ideas about what they’d like. In fact, the fussier the better!

I have put together a proposal which includes all of the above ways to create an antique looking guest book, ordained with fairytale and mystical themed pages. They’ll be decorated separately by each of her guests as part of a workshop hosted by one of our talented hosts. We’ll show them the techniques for calligraphy, moulding, painting and styling, after which the pages will be bound and the book will be on display at the wedding – a fabulous keepsake for the couple, and an opportunity for friends and family to feel like they’d made a real artistic contribution to the wedding day decorations!

Of course, I can’t help but go that one step further so here are some additional suggestions I had to create more bespoke items for the wedding day and to enjoy the workshops with her friends and family even more! Let me know what you think and don’t forget that if you’re interested in booking anything then please email at sarah@sarahlansley.com, or request a call back. Thank you!


Be it gin, wine, or non-alcohol, whatever your preferences our mixologists will help you create your own signature drink to be served on your wedding day, which we can bottle in small potion bottles perfect for favours.


The gorgeous little ‘Secret Garden’ keys that feature in fairy tale and Disney stories remind me of Welsh Lovespoons. You and your group can design your own and choose the favourite to be engraved in to small keepsakes for your wedding guests.


During this fun and informal workshop you’ll create climbing roses and leaves which can be used as decoration with/on your guestbook, or possibly as boutonniere’s or on your wedding cake! (colours are example and can be adapted to your colour scheme!)

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