Fairytale Themed Workshop

I have had a busy week corresponding with our fabulous workshop hosts and hotels to organise a fairytale theme event for one of our clients. She has some fantastic ideas, all centred around a theme which suits her castle wedding venue perfectly. Do you have theme for your day? In fact, ‘theme’ may be the […]

The Wedding Workshop Collection

We have had a slight rebrand! Nothing major so you’ll still see the familiar website layout and, hopefully, recognisable voice in the writing. However our name has changed: from ‘SARAH LANSLEY BRIDAL EVENTS’ to ‘THE WEDDING WORKSHOP COLLECTION’ Do you like it? I hope you agree that it’s a bit more self-explanatory in what we […]

Hand-dyed Silk ribbons

One of the parts of this business that I love doing the most is researching new suppliers that I can host workshops with. My phone photos are filled with screenshots of different Instagram posts where I have seen a new method of doing this or an interesting take on doing that. I follow a lot […]

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